It’s passion, not only work!

IDS provides TURNKEY solutions for its Display Projects and undertakes all aspect of Planning, Design, Build, Install, Maintain, Content Management & Project Management. We have experience working with Designers & Architects appointed by the client and working.


It is important to have the right display and IDS offers consultancy & advisory services in ensuring the right size, pitch, display dimension, LED Type & Design, view angle, view distance & visibility, aesthetic, design & finishing, ease of maintenance & servicing.

Other display specific advises are taken into consideration during planning. We emphazises on Planning, which is the start of a successful project to  understand you requirements and the constrains.

Design & Build

IDS’s Design Engineer will be working with Architect, Designer, Consultant, C&S Engineer, M&E Engineer, Structural Team and our Manufacturer to come up with the Design & Technical Drawings for the Display based on the client’s requirements.


IDS will commence the LED installation once the LED shipment arrives and the structure is ready. Our trained technician will undertake the LED installation and our Partners will be working on the M&E & getting the Contents Ready for Testing.


IDS offers Comprehensive Warranty (Part & Labour) to clients and we have spare parts for every display installed and we will carry out preventive maintenance during the warranty period.

Extended Comprehensive Extended Warranty and Service Level Agreement (SLA) based on 24 x 7 for mission critical sites are available.

Content Management

We provide Content Management services to our clients as additional services or the clients who our services.