Choosing the Right LED Displays to Advertise Your Business

Cityscape with variety of digital signages, LED Automation displays, and Video Walls.

LED displays are becoming ever more widespread out in the urban streets and within a space of any size, proving to be an essential means for both outdoor and indoor advertising. The ever-evolving technology of LED displays transforms a myriad of industries in need of digital screens for advertising or other purposes. There is no better time than now to take advantage of cutting-edge LED displays for your business and be at the forefront of your industry. In fact, numerous business owners have jumped on the LED displays bandwagon and replaced the outdated channels they used to advertise or inform. This is mainly due to the rapidly changing consumer behaviours, so it is best to keep up with your target audiences and redesign marketing campaigns with the help of LED displays.

Some might find it overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right LED display solution for distinct application purposes. Keep in mind that, with the right LED displays, you are able to reach more people, stop the target audience in their tracks or catch their attention on the roads. Let us enlighten you on how certain industries or companies use LED displays to advertise, broadcast or notify.

Ways to Advertise with LED Displays According to Industry

LED displays or digital signage are a versatile tool to reach audiences outdoors or indoors. Apart from their installation flexibility, LED displays can be used for numerous purposes to meet different businesses’ goals. Thus, you should ask yourself, what is the overall objective of investing in LED displays and what you wish to achieve from them. To answer these questions, businesses can focus on the specifics such as:

    • What is your goal for using LED displays?
    • How do you measure the performance or results of setting up the LED displays?
    • Do the LED displays of your choice fit the company’s budget?
    • Are you able to offer LED display content that aligns with your audiences’ interests?
    • When do you expect to achieve your goal with the help of LED displays?

The more confident you are with your answers, you can make a better decision when choosing the LED display with the right solution that truly impacts your overall business in the long run. Without further ado, we will be taking a closer look at how different industries or circumstances determine the applications of LED displays.

Retail Shops, Shopping Malls & Hypermarkets

Indoor mall LED display signage displaying "up to 50% off mega sale, shop now"

Other than enhancing the customers’ in-store experience, LED displays can help draw more people from the outdoors in and straight to the shops, malls or supermarkets. As a result, you can expect a boost in business if you invest in the right LED displays set up in the right locations. So, how do retailers or marketing teams in commercial buildings use LED displays?

Showcase The In-store Latest with a Feature Display

Make the most out of LED displays such as indoor video walls and make them the central attraction among passers-by or visitors. Retailers or marketing teams in commercial buildings of any kind can display content such as the new arrivals or latest sales, all from the video wall. Visual attractiveness is key in getting more eyeballs on the LED display, thus allowing more audiences to know what the particular brand has to offer.

Enhance Engagements Adjacent to Product Display Areas 

By placing LED displays such as digital signage allows consumers to visualise the products. Whether it is a piece of clothing worn by a model or the scrumptious snacks enclosed by the packaging, visitors will have a better idea of what the products look like from another perspective. In addition, digital signage with interactive features allows users to learn more about the products. Consequently, the engagement will fuel emotion among the customers.

Beautify Building Façades & Attract Passers-by or Passengers

A large scale LED display comes in handy in advertising brands and attracting whilst retaining passers-by or vehicle passengers. Sizeable LED displays such as the MEGASCREEN Series are an effective tool compared to a traditional banner. The high-definition LED displays will make audiences at the red light or on the road do a double-take, enticing them to pop into the commercial buildings and spend time in them.

Factories, Offices & Meeting Rooms

A lady pointing to an image displayed in digital signage

LED displays of any kind are extremely practical and worthwhile in workplaces such as factories, office spaces as well as conference rooms. Communication is key among employees or other building users of a modern workplace, and LED displays can ensure efficiency. So, how do using LED displays in workplaces ease building users and boost productivity?

Set up along the Walkway with High Foot Traffic

LED displays in the form of a kiosk or mounted on the wall in the employee traffic areas will help inform and motivate employees. Whether you want to keep staff updated about the latest SOPs or KPIs, or simply display some motivational quotes, LED displays can do so as they can showcase real-time updates. Moreover, this ensures efficient broadcasting of the most current information across one’s company space.

Streamline Communication in & out of Meeting Room

Leverage the cutting-edge technology of LED displays and communicate efficiently even before stepping into a meeting room. For example, with an interactive LED display placed outside the meeting room, employees get to instantly book a conference room without having to worry about unavailability. In addition, LED displays such as interactive video walls can bring a better visual presentation, ensuring the team stays attentive from start to end.

Guide Visitors from the Central Point of the Building

Many companies have made use of LED displays in the form of Rotating Waypoint. Employees or visitors will make a quicker decision on which way to go. Thus they can arrive at the destination earlier and use time effectively. New visitors will find this wayfinding LED display convenient, especially in an unfamiliar new environment with an expansive and complex building layout.

Events, Tradeshows & Weddings

Samsung digital signage display at exhibition

Further compliment the event space or special occasions, such as weddings, with the help of LED displays like video walls or screen standee. A combination of entertaining and informative purposes is possible when it comes to versatile displays. So, how can event planners or organisers use LED displays in events of any kind?

Keep Visitors informed or Entertained in the Waiting Area 

Throughout the downtime in waiting rooms before the event kickstarts, participants can stay entertained with slideshows or video clips on the LED displays. With that, audiences will get a rough idea of what comes next in the main hall as well. Furthermore, it is a good time to display social media feeds and leverage them by using original hashtags and letting event participants tag brands on the dot.

Enhance the Stage with Captivating Content

For brands who wish to go the extra mile for opening ceremonies, an interactive LED display such as a video wall can help with that. It is an excellent opportunity to catch all the attention you need and kickstart the event strong from the beginning. Moreover, LED displays with high resolutions allow the audiences to see the content clearly, even from afar. This ensures a successful event with participants leaving the place more informed or entertained.

Display Schedule, Seating & Floor Plans by the Booth

It is an eco-friendly way to allow attendees to get updates on schedule via LED display instead of printed materials. For instance, participants can scan the QR code from the LED display by the booth if they wish to read more from their mobile devices instead of standing in front of the display screen. In addition, LED display users can access the event floor plans as well as individual seating to ensure they get to the place they want on time.

LED Displays Advertising for All Businesses

All in all, the impact of LED displays surpasses the traditional advertising approaches that are not as captivating. LED displays of any kind help to bring a flexible solution for businesses to personalize the digital signage they need with the right mix of creativity to catch passers-by’s attention. With so many LED display options available today, finding the right fit for your needs and budgets is vital when it comes to reaching business goals.

MegaScreen by IDS Beyond Media Sdn Bhd (IDS) is here for your high impact LED displays. Be it the display screens for the outdoors or indoors, we are readily available for the challenges each project brings. Moreover, our team will work closely with you and integrate the experience, innovation, creativity and technological know-how we have for you.

If you’re looking for an LED advertising all-inclusive solution provider, contact us now and let’s find out how we can empower your business.