How To Choose The Best Location To Place
Digital Signage In Malaysia?

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In our day, we live in a world where nearly everything is becoming digital, and the same goes for the digital transformation of advertising signage. The heightened popularity of digital signage technologies in the past decades has led more and more companies to jump on the digital signage bandwagon. Industries of any kind are getting the most out of digital signage, yet not every brand grasps the power of location. The ideal location to install one’s digital signage is the key to reaching a more expansive and the right audience, both indoors and outdoors.

The ever-evolving digital signage technologies come with a broader scope of service solutions. As a result, our capabilities go beyond merely supplying digital display screens. Most importantly, we understand that different locations offer different potential advantages when it comes to communicating your message with passers-by. Our team of experts at IDS Beyond Media Sdn Bhd (IDS) understands that digital signage placement can make or break your investments. You are in the right place as our team with strategic approaches will advise and scout for the ideal location that suits your digital signage needs best in Malaysia and beyond.

Digital Signage Only Works If The Crowd Is There To See It

Glitzy digital signage with eye-catching visual content can quickly fail if the “location” is overlooked. Unfortunately, this aspect is often left unnoticed among brands, and it is more than just installing digital signage in a crowded environment. In order to maximise the visibility among your crowd, it is necessary to start from ground zero, pinpointing the goals you wish to achieve with the help of our digital signage solutions. In this article, we will explain each and every aspect that factors in the effectiveness of digital signage to catch more eyes in our modern society.

Top 5 Tips to Choose An Ideal Location for Digital Signage

It’s all about “location” for us when it comes to reaching maximum passers-by and audiences. Our holistic digital signage solution for brands of different industries does more than just fill up some empty spaces. How successful your digital signage displays depends on the strategic planning that comes along with your decision on the positioning.

You might be wondering, what makes a great digital signage location in Malaysia and beyond? What aspects should you look into to ensure the digital signage is utilised correctly? So, without further ado, let’s start from the fundamental – your business goal.

1. Define Your Goals & The Purpose to Use Digital Signage

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Your objective to invest in digital signage matters. As one of the most sought-after digital signage service providers, our flexible services allow us to bring the potential solution catered to your business needs and budgets. Our experienced team will provide you with the best location for your digital signage needs, allowing you to maximise reach and increase brand awareness.

Furthermore, your digital signage in the right location will enhance your brand’s visibility, as well as the current or future offers. Apart from informing passers-by about necessary information of any kind, interactive digital signage screens will entertain audiences of any age, improving their experience and, in return, bringing a good impression of your brand.

Once we have an in-depth overview of your business needs like the one above, we will help you choose the best components apart from the ideal location for digital signage. Our team can quickly help you determine the suitable hardware in order to execute your campaigns without going over budget. Your purpose of utilising our service determines the type of your digital display screens as well, and they include:

Indoor or Outdoor LED Display Screens

Stay visible indoors and outdoors, even in the most unfavourable crowded spaces or weather conditions, as the LED display screens will bring out the most vivid imagery.

Automation LED Display

Your wish to become a leading brand in your industry is possible with our 3D Dynamic LED Display that allows you to get bold whilst creating out-of-the-box visual effects, literally.

Rotating Tower or Rotating Waypoint

Built for a novel 360° viewing angle, passers-by at all corners will be captivated by the rotating motions whilst serving its purpose of indicating the right directions.

Indoor Video Wall

The indoor video walls are the ideal display screens to offer a comprehensive panoramic view among your audiences, alongside interactive features that captivate all.

Digital Signage

Available in resolution and features of any kind, digital signages offer the selections for your choosing, so you will get the display screens that fit your business needs as well as budgets.

As a result, with the help of the right screen type placed in the right location, your brand can get the deserved attention from the right audiences at the right time.

2. Ensure The Accessibility & Visibility of Digital Signage

Accessibility and visibility come hand-in-hand in getting your message out to the audience effectively. For instance, choosing LED digital signage screens keeps your worries at bay when you wish to place them outside. The bright lighting and high resolution LED screens ensure your content is still visible in the environment, such as intense sunshine, heavy rain or fogs. Another example is if your rotating waypoint is placed too high up, passers-by will find it difficult to read it or did not even know its existence in the place.

Brands might be wondering what makes a digital signage screen accessible for all? Well, here are some of the matters to look into when it comes to the positioning of potential digital signage.


The displayed content should be visible and readable between the average distance of the audience and the digital signage screen.


The digital signage screen should be installed at an angle comfortable for the audience’s eyesight, which is roughly 75 degrees below the eye and 60 degrees above.


The glare from sunlight or indoor lights upon the digital signage screen will negatively affect the content’s visibility and readability.

Power Connectivity

The nearest power source and a stable internet connection come in handy for the digital signage screen.

Screen Time

The duration of the displayed content should be the average total time the audience engages with the complete content on the digital signage screen.


The digital signage screen should be placed in a space or environment with the least pillars, walls or other obstacles that block the screen’s visibility.


The sound used to enrich your digital signage screen is not suitable for an airy indoor space that echoes and thus causes distractions.

Hence, it is best to consider these essential aspects when picking the best location for digital signage or display screens. Though some of the matters above seem insignificant, our attentive team believes that even the most minor changes will bring an optimum result.

3. Seek for Dense Traffic Area & Target The Right Audience

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Strategic placement of digital signage in an ideal location allows businesses to reach the target crowd at the right time. For instance, a video wall on the façade of a shop works wonders in attracting passers-by to come in and enjoy the brand’s current sales. If you have found a location that fits the digital signage screens, and at the same time, the audiences or road users tend to spend ample time in the said venue, then maybe it would be the perfect location for your digital signage. If fact, here are some of the common location options for installing digital signage screens:

Interior or Exterior Walls

The digital signage screens are placed flat or at an optimum angle against a wall surface amid a location with high foot traffic in order to maximize brand awareness.

Building Façade

Large-sized digital signage screens are needed for companies who wish to showcase extra-large content in the highly trafficked cities filled with passers-by and vehicles who frequent the area regularly.

On the Floor

Digital signage screens that are installed and stand on the floor, such as purpose-built digital kiosks, allow target audiences to engage with the display.

Store Windows

There is no better way to draw the attention of target audiences than by positioning the digital signage screens right outside the store, showcasing the content of any kind, such as current sales, in a creative way.

Commercial or Entertainment Area

In a vicinity where passers-by come from all directions and stroll around the area, digital signage such as rotating towers or waypoints can easily catch people’s attention.

Checkout Counters

Digital signage screens in the form of digital menu boards can be installed ideally near checkout counters to reduce the wait times among customers whilst increasing employees’ productivity.

Waiting Areas

Match your content displayed on digital signage of choice with the average wait time among target crowds who are experiencing some downtime in lobbies or waiting areas.

Therefore, if the location you wish to place digital signage screens is down a side hallway or on a road that is rarely used, your company most probably will not get the most out of the digital signage investment. Avoid wasting the company budget and time by focusing on locations with higher foot traffic and interchange.

4. The Engaging Content Decides the Digital Signage Location

What you wish to exhibit with the help of digital signage determines the display placement location. When you are in the brainstorming stage of coming up with the content, it is best to consider the colours, fonts and other aspects of design that cater to your target audiences’ likings. If you want to reach target passers-by even from afar, you need to ensure your content comes with a bigger font and brighter colours. For example, if you are trying to reach people like:


Creating something bold or even interactive can stop consumers in their path, no matter the youngsters or adults, and get your message out in a location with a lot of foot traffic with the help of digital signage.

New customers

Passers-by who have never come across your brand need to understand what you have to offer with just one glimpse alongside creative content to showcase the attractive sales displayed upon the store window beside the entranceway.


Suppose you are using digital signage to share updates around the office so employees can stay updated. In that case, the display screen should exhibit something straight-to-the-pint and be located in the entranceway of the building. With that, the office space users who come and go will stay informed with the latest news.

Furthermore, creative approaches such as auto-revolving content or updating new content from time to time can help keep your digital display fresh for the eyes. This will ensure the people who come across your digital signages are engaged and captivated with something new. Audiences will be curious about what comes next and will not lose interest in what you have to offer.

5. Analytic Technologies Capture Audiences Demographics

Viewership measurement is made easy with the help of video analytics that integrates with digital signage. This technology tracks the demographics of passers-by or even vehicles in real-time, collecting data for future reference. With the data at hand, you are able to determine whether the digital signage works well in the location. Should the content not reach your desired amount of traffic, it is most probably the site is not the ideal location for the digital signage.

Instead of installing the digital signage or display without having a clue whether it gets the attention effectively, this video analytic technology allows you to stay informed with the latest demographic data to make immediate changes whenever possible. Moreover, you can note the audience’s demographics, such as their age, knowing that your content has to match the target audience’s age and liking. Other than that, the analytic technology embedded in the digital signage has the capability to trace objects such as vehicles. Though this video analytical technology is high-accuracy and brings ample convenience, it is best to put privacy and security at the top of your list.

Be Where Your Target Audiences Hang out The Most

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The digital signage approach brings many pros and practically no cons for any business purpose. Your first step into the digital signage and display screens of indoor or outdoor environments will open up a whole new realm for you to connect with audiences. With the ideal location to install your digital signage, you are already one step ahead of your competitors to reach the right people at the right time.

Though figuring out and choosing the ideal location to place digital signage seems like an overwhelming process, knowing that our team of experts at IDS Beyond Media Sdn Bhd (IDS) will be with you every step of the way. We are keen to help you get seen by crowds and benefit from our digital signage of any kind. Your business needs when it comes to digital signage are in good hands with us, so you can have peace of mind about achieving maximum impact alongside your eye-catching digital content. We will walk through your goals with you as a team before bringing the digital signage that suits your business needs best, placing them in the right location for the best exposure. There is no better time than now to reach out to us here. IDS Beyond Media Sdn Bhd (IDS) is looking forward to hearing from you soon.